422 West Sandusky Street Findlay, Ohio

The Crawford Log House

The Crawford Log House was built in 1840 by Samuel Crawford near the village of West Independence in Biglick Township. Samuel was the great-grandson of Colonel William Crawford, who was burned at the stake in 1782 near Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Samuel loved in the house with his wife and seven children. The house was donated by the Merritt Metzger family an moved to the Museum in the 1970’s.

Restoration of the house was dedicated in memory of R.L. Heminger, and included replacement of the floors, porch, chinking, and chimney.

The log house illustrates what life would have been like for early settlers of Hancock County. Oftentimes, even simple tasks by today’s standards required careful planning and hard labor. Comfort was a relative term and hard to come by!