422 West Sandusky Street Findlay, Ohio



Roni & The Shadows

As remembered by Ron Crosser:

“Ronnie and the Shadows (aka Roni and the Flames; Monte Cristo and His Counts)

Original Founding members:
Ron Crosser: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Larry Crosser: Drums, Vocals
Tom Trivan: Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Pat Day: Bass, Vocals
Additional Members:
Gary Zink: Bass Vocals
Tom Flick: Sax, Vocals
Denny Lytle: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Dave Dudley
Phil Naus

In 1961, the band was originally formed as an instrumental “Ventures”-styled group, along with a mix of current and “oldies” vocals. We played many, many record hops and dances at schools, armories, skating rinks, and teen centers throughout northwest Ohio, usually working with area Disk Jockeys. We were busy nearly every Friday and Saturday, and occasionally on Sundays.

I remember when we first started, we were rehearsing in my dad’s basement on West Hardin Street, and the neighborhood kids would gather around the basement window wells, lying on the grass, and dancing outside. We had great neighbors, and we shut the music down promptly at 9 PM!

The first club we played was the Ranch on State Route 224, about half-way between Findlay and Tiffin. During our first break, the Highway Patrol stopped in and conducted a random ID check. They discovered Larry and Tom were underage, and made us leave. Apparently, we needed someone 21 or older to accompany us while playing any venue that served alcohol. My dad served in that capacity for a while, and it never came up again. Harold Kline was the owner, and he had us back many times. As the record hops and teen dances began to fade, we started to play more and more clubs. We traveled in my ’55 Chevy: four guys, a Fender Bandmaster, Fender Bassman, Fender Bass, Fender Jazzmaster, Gibson Melody Maker, Heathkit PA & Speakers, Gretsch drum kit and assorted microphones, cables and other accessories!

Around 1962, Pat decided to enlist in the Air Force, so we moved Tom to bass and brought in Tom Flick, formerly with The Chex, on sax and vocals. That added a new dimension to our sound and we could play songs like “Tequila” by the Champs, and “Harlem Nocturne” by the Viscounts, and “Honky Tonk” by Bill Doggett in addition to music by the Ventures. We also brought in Denny Lytle, formerly with the Chex, on rhythm guitar and vocals. We continued to work the clubs in the area.

In 1964, I received a call from my friend and former Chex member, Sonny Brickman, who was currently the bass player for Johnny and the Hurricanes. I was asked if I could fill in for their guitarist who was ill. I said I could, and Sonny and I drove up to Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, and did the gig the following evening. The next day, Johnny called me and asked if I would join the band as their Lead Guitarist. I discussed it with the group and they said I would be crazy to not accept it, and they made me feel less guilty for leaving the band. They continued to play for a short time, and Larry went on to play drums for Life and Fresh Air and ironically also played for the Hurricanes for a short time. Larry and I hooked up again in 1965, with The Roadmen. Tom Trivan went off to college, and Tom Flick and Denny Lytle started a group later called Easy Street and had a fairly long run.

We had a great run! What a great time to be alive! Hail, Hail, Rock and Roll!”

Listen to Ron Crosser’s oral history here.