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January 20, 1922

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There are words, phrases, and statements in these letters that may be offensive to the reader. At the time the letters were written, certain words and phrases were common and even acceptable. We wish it were otherwise. The words are those of the author, Earl Kennedy, and the attitudes he expresses are those of the time period. We have retained the original language of the letters because we believe that, in spite of their faults, the letters provide an exceptional first-hand account of the attitudes and actions during this period in our nation’s history.



Postmarked January 20, 1922
Miss Marie H. McCarthy
6801 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio

My Lover girl –
Yes, Saturday is near and I expect we will talk about ourselves quite a bit when we are together. But it will be quite a lot of fun and very exciting, so lets.

Of course questions concerning your ring aren’t foolish. It’s just your Bill’s so afraid he wouldn’t get what his little girl wanted, so he had to ask questions. Will just have an engraved band and everything.

I ‘spect I will come up in the car for the weather is so uncertain at this time of year and I can’t afford to take any foolish chances of an accident. You see I now have more than ever, to live for, since I have my Marie.

I’m glad you decided not to take the Higbee job. Although I am sure I would wait five or ten years for you.

Dear, isn’t it nice we found one another and that we love each other so? I never had hopes of being so fortunate. I think I am the most fortunate young man in the world to gain the love of so beautiful a girl as my darling, darling Marie.

I will meet you at the statler at 1:00 o’clock, and we shall spend several happy hours together. The hours I spend with you are my most happy and someday you and I are going to be happy twenty-four hours a day.

My very best love to my very nicest Marie.


The dates associated with most of these letters came from the post mark on the envelope the letters were placed in when the museum received them as a donation. Some of the letters may seem out of place, or out of order because of this. As we have no clear knowledge of exactly when all the letters were written, we have kept them in order of the dates on the envelopes.

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