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Love Letters: A Jazz Age Romance


Explore a local love story, as told by the handwritten expressions of endearment of Findlay-native, Earl “Bill” Kennedy, to his fiancée, Marie McCarthy. “Love Letters: A Jazz Age Romance” frames what life was like in small-town America in the 1920s. From golfing at the Findlay Country Club, to dancing at Riverside Park, this was courtship during the Jazz Age! View the complementary virtual component to find more information about Bill and Marie, read weekly blog posts from guest writers, and listen to audio recordings of the letters.

A Story of Persistence: The Women's Suffrage Movement

February – December

“Votes for Women!” was the cry heard on city streets all over the United States until August 26, 1920, when the 19th Amendment to the constitution was officially ratified by 36 states and put into effect. While you may have heard the general story of the fight for Women’s Suffrage, did you know that Hancock County had an Equal Suffrage Group? Explore the history of Suffrage in the United States and our region, while learning about influential women from our area who have made an impact.