422 West Sandusky Street Findlay, Ohio


Camp Fire: Igniting the Spark in Hancock County since 1923

February 1st – December

This year, the museum will exhibit a unique and extensive collection of Camp Fire memorabilia. The exhibit tells the story of the organization that was the first of its kind for girls and promoted community service and leadership through group activities and projects. Objects on display will incorporate the entire history of Camp Fire and include everything from uniforms, patches, journals and magazines to more unusual items such as crafts, jewelry and a few other surprises. Anyone who has ever participated in Camp Fire or a similar group will enjoy the memories and walk through history this exhibit provides.

Cabinet of Curiosity

August 29th – December

Have you ever wondered how museums got started? Back in 1599, the first “Cabinet of Curiosity” was frequented by the public in Italy to see the examples of natural history gathered by Ferrante Imperiato, and the trend grew from there! Nobles, aristocrats, businessmen, and the scientifically inclined all gathered objects of natural history, from other cultures, the bizarre, strange, and even the mundane. These objects were gathered into a cabinet, or room, and people were invited to view them. Eventually, the objects in these early “museums” were the first artifacts in the collections of some of the best known museums today! Come to the Hancock Historical Museum to get a look at what a Hancock County cabinet of curiosity might have looked like, and learn a little about the history of museums along the way!