422 West Sandusky Street Findlay, Ohio

findlay-glass-displayFrom August 1889 to June 1891, Findlay had 16 glass factories in operation simultaneously and was second only to Pittsburgh, the largest glass factory region in the United States.

Glass of every kind and description was made in Findlay. There were six window glass companies, two bottle glass factories, two lamp chimney factories and one novelty glass factory. However, it was five tableware factories that created the beautiful pattern glass we refer to as Findlay Glass and which many collectors cherish today.

Those factories were:

  • The Columbia Glass Factory
  • The Bellaire Goblet Company
  • The Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton Company
  • The Model Flint Glass Company
  • Findlay Flint Glass Company


Glass companies were courted to build in Findlay during the Gas Boom in the 1880’s by the city’s promise of free land and natural gas. However, the seemingly abundant supply of gas became scare in the winter of 1891 and the city was forced to shut off gas to the factories in order to provide enough for homes. All but one of the factories closed, or left town soon after.

pointed-jewel-gobletsDuring the brief period of tableware glass manufacturing in Findlay during the late 19th century, tens of thousands of high quality pressed glass pieces were made in over 200 patterns. The mould makers were experienced craftsmen who were highly regarded in the industry. Today, their designs of Findlay Glass are sought by collectors and enthusiasts of antique glass. Even people who don’t have any antiques in the home, enjoy the appearance of this wonderful glass.

From the Priscilla Compote that decorates the dining table, to a Henrietta vase of flowers and a Pointed Jewel Goblet for sipping their favorite wine, Findlay Glass is enjoyed across generations.

henrietta-vaseThe Hancock Historical Museum invites you to discover the world of beautiful Early American Pattern Glass by visiting our Gift Shop to view the antique Findlay Glass for sale. Being able to provide a piece of Findlay history for people to enjoy for years is a natural and wonderful complement to our offerings. Because of its beauty and history, Findlay Glass is popular as a gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and holidays, as well as hostess and parting gifts. Local companies purchase pieces of Findlay Glass for retiring employees, guests and to commemorate an anniversary, or special occasion. With all the choices, there is a pattern and piece for anyone to treasure. But as time moves on and pieces become lost, or broken, Findlay Glass becomes more rare, difficult to find and more valuable.

Whether you’re a collector needing a piece for display, someone looking for a beautiful addition to their decor, or a gift long to treasure, with many pieces available, we’re confident you will find the right piece of history in Beautiful Antique Findlay Glass.